Belgrade FAQ – How to approach local girls

summerfield-336672_1920That’s right, Belgrade is extremely rich with extraordinary beautiful examples of female species and one of the most frequent questions is how to approach them. Keeping in mind that all generalizations necessarily have faults, here is what you need to know :

First of all, there is much more than the looks. Serbian girls, like all Slavic girls, can be really charming, confident, smart, kind, playful, funny, talkative and very direct and straightforward. Because of this last quality, sometimes they may also come across as rude, unkind and cold if you say something wrong or they simply don’t like you. Fake smiles are not generally considered as a good cultural trait in Balkans, so choose your words wisely.

Most of the foreigners would agree that Serbian girls are not the easiest prey for one night stands, especially if your game is to approach them late at night in a bar or a night club. This rule is generally valid for the whole of Balkans, where free Slavic spirit is entangled in centuries of Ottoman influence, Communistic ideals and modern waves of Globalization. To put it simply, Serbian girls do hold dearly to their reputation in social circles and your chances will significantly increase after few dates, or even better, if you get introduced by a common friend.

Another draw-back about this cultural mix is that every once in a while you will come across a girl who is not really sure where she stands in a relationship. She will want you to be a manly man, a hunter, provider and a protector but she will also want to be an emancipated modern women and not just some housewife. In some cases this combination works great. But very often this sort of women don’t have much going on except very high expectations from their partner and very little to offer besides their beauty. If this is not really your thing make sure to spot them on time.

When it comes to approach, you do want to be confident and direct above all. Humor also helps, like anywhere else. Being a foreigner can be a plus too, as you already have a conversation starter and an exotic factor. Know also that once on the date you will be expected to pay for both of your orders. That doesn’t mean that she is a gold-digger, it is just a Balkan mentality and part of a social etiquette for men. Avoiding to follow this rule will surely get you some frowning from the waiter and probably make you look cheap in her eyes – not a great start. It goes without saying that even when she insists to pay you have to refuse it, if you are a real gentleman.

Another thing you need to know is that you should never, under no circumstances approach a girl who is alone with her boyfriend (who does that anyway?) and be careful in a mixed groups where you are not sure if she is already with someone. Balkan men don’t like when their women get approached by random dudes and if you are not really confident in your martial arts skills we advice you to be really careful about this. You should also avoid being really rude and aggressive, as that kind of attitude can easily make any Serbian guy around come to her rescue. In the end you will just help her get introduced to her prince charming while you may get a lot of problems for yourself.

These were just the basics and we hope you found them helpful. There are no strict rules to get you a date in any country so it all comes down to your own game in the end.

As a bonus, we give you some basic Serbian phrases to get you started:

Hello. – Zdravo.
My name is… – Zovem se…
You are so beautiful, like Angelina Jolie… – Mnogo si lepa, kao Andjelina Dzoli…
I am from Swaziland. – Ja sam iz Svazilenda.
Are you on LinkedIn? – Da li si na LinkedIn-u?
Give me your number please! – Daj mi telefon bre!
I play hang in a church orchestra. – Ja sviram hang u crkvenom orkestru.
Do you like sushi? – Da li volish sushi?
Who’s your daddy? – Ko je tvoj tata?
Who did you vote for? – Za koga si glasala?

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