Belgrade expats – Victor

Belgrade expats - VictorVictor comes from Mexico. He is 36 years old and has a significant expat experience in Belgrade.

How long have you been living in Belgrade and what brings you here?

For 10 years, I was searching for some business opportunities.

What do you like about being here, and what are the things you don’t like?

Everything is OK, security, people… of course every place has its pros and contras. Economy is the contra in Belgrade, besides that everything is perfect. Belgrade is not a place with glorious monuments, it is the people and the peace I feel here that allows me to keep on liking it.

What are your favorite spots / tourist attractions in Belgrade?

Tennis courts, cafes, and some urban places.

What is your favorite local food / drink?

Horse meat / coffee.

What do you think about locals?

Serbian people are educated, they can keep a good conversation and they are interesting, they are straightforward. Sure, they might be too sensitive sometimes, but they are usually good people and they tend to forget easily. They usually don’t apologize or ask for something with “please” and things like that, but that is OK as it works both ways – usually you don’t need to ask for something either, they like to give.

How does the cost of living compare to your country? 

It is more expensive – electricity, gas, all energetics, food in the market. Restaurants and the rent are nearly the same price.

Any other tips for fresh expats and travelers?

Relax, enjoy and don’t get intimidated by anything. People here like to talk loud but they are good people. Respect the fact that people here had a difficult life – that doesn’t make anybody better of worse, luck is random.

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