Belgrade expats – Weiya

belgrade_expats_weiyaWeiya’s roots are in China but she is born in Serbia because her parents own businesses in Belgrade. She studies at “Prima international school”.

How long have you been living in Belgrade and what brings you here?

I was born in Serbia but then my parents sent me back to China when I was 3 moths old. However, I came back to Serbia again when I was 3 years old and I was in kindergarten here. I finished my primary school in China and came back to Serbia again in 2009. The main reason I came back again after my primary school is because my parents are here.

What do you like about being here, and what are the things you don’t like?

One of the things I like in Serbia is definitely food. Serbian food is really delicious. Another thing is the environment, lots of green! But the bad thing that makes me feel uncomfortable about Serbia would be the little groups of racists. Even though I lived here for a very long time I still feel that some people are not used to see foreigners and are not really welcoming. Sometimes I get really sad when some strangers are teasing at me while I’m walking in Belgrade.

What are your favorite spots / tourist attractions in Belgrade?

My favorite place would be the Avala mountain.

What is your favorite local food / drink? Are there some things that you are missing from your country?

My favorite food from Serbia would be Karadjordjeva schnitzel and other meat dishes. The Serbian homemade soup is also my favorite. Nothing is missing for me since there are so many Chinese restaurants in Serbia

What do you think about locals?

Serbs in general are very friendly and welcoming. Maybe this is due to the fact that Serbia has been under the communist government too. That’s why sometimes I feel that we have some social norms and tradition in common.

How does the cost of living compare to your country?

I have to say that Serbia’s living standard is much lower than in China. Everything tends to be cheaper, which is a good thing!

Any other tips for fresh expats and travelers?

Serbia is not a tourist country like Italy or France, it is more a country for relaxing. In order to feel Serbia and to enjoy in Serbia, the best thing would be to stay for a longer period. Take your time and enjoy the view!

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