Belgrade music – The Groundless

Why “The Groundless”?

We believe it describes our feeling of not having a strictly defined background or style and of generally not belonging to any particular genre, place, or group. Not necessarily in a musical sense only.

Who is in the band?

Our vocalist is Ana Maglica, known to some as the member of the group Vocal 5. She is an amazing singer, and also a music and vocal teacher/coach. The fact that she’s a classically trained violinist is yet left unexploited in Groundless. Yet. The musicians may also be familiar to some for their affiliation with various other known bands, most notably Pero Defformero, Ritam Nereda, Divlje Jagode and Alogia. It’s Sasha Frish on guitars, Andras Ispan on bass, and Srdjan Golubica on drums.

How would you describe your style and where does your music come from?

Pun intended, we don’t share much solid common (back)ground, we’re quite groundless on that matter. Each of us does his or her own thing, and it’s mixed all together. While the three musicians could be considered as a metal band, Ana adds a gentle pop flavor on top of all that, not just with the melodies, but with her lyrics being more personal, less metal, and of course quite feminine. It’s about freedom of expression. The influences are many and various. Our main influences are our personal musical journeys and experiences.

Do you have any formal musical education? 

Half of the band is classically trained, but it is not of big significance. It is a widely approved and accepted view that classical musical training and formal musical education is not that important after all. It is mostly for two reasons: one is that it’s the self-thought, musically formally uneducated and untrained musicians that form the majority that embrace this view, and the other, stronger reason is the fact that it truly is not that crucial. Talent and creativity cannot be thought nor learned, however some other skills can, and those skills have to be learned one way or the other.
The first song that we, as a band learned and rehearsed is actually the one that we’ve shot the video for: Nightmare. Back then, it was titled “the first song”, haha.

How many albums do you have? Is there a favorite one?

Each of us has recorded several albums with previous or other formations, but The Groundless is a brand new start. We have no releases yet. The EP will be out soon, it’s really a matter of days. Let’s settle with that one then. I believe it’s the favorite release of all of us in The Groundless, at least at this moment: The Groundless EP

What bands are on your playlist these days?

Each of us listens to different music. It ranges from old-school hard rock and metal, through soul, modern pop, to modern metal, and even some classical stuff.


What do you think of the Belgrade music scene?

Undoubtedly it’s the strongest musical scene in Serbia. Logically. The majority of the band is not from Belgrade, so we are actually not the most appropriate people to give an opinion on that matter.

Is it possible to make a living from music in Belgrade? What would you change in the industry?

Yes, but the catch is that if you want to make a living it’s usually not from the music you enjoy. One definitely cannot make a living from one’s own music, especially with lyrics in English. However there are other music-related jobs, and other kinds of music that can pull you through the month and pay the bills.

Where do musicians fit in today’s world? What is the mission / purpose?

We are simply doing our best, because we love doing it. Mission? World? It sounds a little naive to engage in this kind of an endeavor with such huge thoughts. We love music, love playing, and that’s where musicians surely fit in, they fit in their own dreams and enjoyment, and if lucky or connected enough, they will eventually fit into some financial construction of someone bigger in the music industry.

Thank you for taking time to do this interview, what are you going to do now?

Thank you for the honor. Off to lunch 🙂

Get in touch with the band: The Groundless official Facebook page

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