How to get to Belgrade from the “Nikola Tesla” airport

New BelgradeDistance from Belgrade airport to the city center is around 20 km. There are many different ways to get to the city:

Option 1. Bus no. 72

A bus station is in front of the Departures terminal (right above arrivals). Buses leave every 35 min. Travel time to the final station – Zeleni venac, in the center of Belgrade, is around 40 min. Ticket price is 150 RSD and can be obtained directly from the driver.

Option 2. Shuttle minibus A1

A bus station is on the left from the entrance to the Arrivals terminal. Buses depart every 20 minutes (until 18:40h and after that departures are: 19:30h, 20:30h, 22h, 23h, 00h, 01h, 02h) Final station is at Slavija square (city center) This bus also stops in New Belgrade and in front of the central bus and train stations. The ride takes around 35 min. Ticket price is 300 RSD and can be obtained directly from the driver.

Option 3. Taxi service

Like in any other country, be extra careful when using a taxi! In order to fight illegal drivers and prevent tourists from getting scammed, the airport has a taxi info desk located at the arrivals terminal. Here you can buy a voucher for the ride at a fixed price. Belgrade is divided into 6 zones and the voucher prices vary accordingly, but if you are going to the central area it will be either zone 1 or 2. Current prices for the vouchers are: 1400 RSD for the zone 1 and 1800 RSD for the zone 2, with the zone 6 (suburban area) being 6000 RSD.

Option 4. Private driver

There are certain companies that can send an English speaking driver to pick you up. Some of them are:

Lux taxi Belgrade
Transfer in Belgrade
Premium Belgrade transfers

Option 5. Rent a car

Here you can find the list of all rent a car companies located at the airport.

Option 6. Hotel transfer

There are some hotels that have this service. Make sure to check in advance when making a booking.

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