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Belgrade public transportPublic transport in Belgrade consists of buses and minibuses, trams and trolleybuses. Departures are very frequent and it is quite easy to catch a ride, but only if you know where and which ride to take.

In the “useful links” section you can find official maps of public transport, but they will probably not be of much help as they can be very confusing. You are probably better off getting advice from the friendly locals.


You can buy a ticket directly from the driver, but in this case it will be more expensive – 150 RSD for central zones 1 and 2, and up to 400 RSD for zones 1,2,3,4.

Second option are rechargeable “Bus plus” tickets. You can get one on most of the street kiosks. The price of the ticket (without any credit) is 250 RSD and you can recharge it unlimited times during its validity of 3 years. The price of a single ride (for up to 90 min) in this case is 89 DIN for zones 1 and 2, and up to 269 RSD for zones 1,2,3,4. You can use the same card to pay for a group ride, so if you are traveling in a group you may not need more than one card. Once you buy a card and top it up with a desired credit, you simply press it against the electronic validator that is positioned near the entrance of every vehicle.

belgrade-transport-ticketIf you are in Belgrade for a short period of time, and you plan to use public transport more frequently, your best option would be a daily ticket. Basic ticket costs 40 RSD, and after that you should recharge it as follows:

1 DAY 250 RSD 750 RSD
3 DAYS 700 RSD 1790 RSD
5 DAYS 1000 RSD 2390 RSD

These tickets are not valid in period between midnight and 4 am. They are not valid in minibuses, where you can only buy a ticket directly from the driver, at a price of 150 RSD for a single ride.

Tickets for late night rides cost 150 RSD for zone 1 and 210 RSD for zones 1,2. Night regime starts around midnight and buses become less frequent. (they depart roughly every hour).

Belgrade taxi

You can get a good idea of standard taxi rates from this chart provided by the “Nikola Tesla” airport:

Service Tariff 1 Tariff 2 Tariff 3
Start 170 RSD 170 RSD 170 RSD
Price per km 65 RSD 85 RSD 130 RSD
Waiting Per Hour 750 RSD 750 RSD 750 RSD

*Tariff 1 (06-22h) Tariff 2 (22-06h +Weekdays and Holidays) Tariff 3 (Outside city area)

The safest way is to order a taxi by calling any number from 19801 to 19808. Some of the largest TAXI companies are: Pink taxi: 19803, Maxi taxi: 19804, Beogradski taxi: 19801, Plavi taxi: 19805.

The full list of taxi companies can be found here. If stopping a taxi on the street make sure that it has a taxi sign on the roof and a license plate that begins with TX.

Parking zones in the central area of Belgrade

Kosancicev venac, BelgradeParking charges in Belgrade apply from Mon to Fri, 07-21h and Sat 07-14h. Sunday is free. Parking places are divided in three time-restricted concentric circles, which starting from the center are:

Red zone (1st) – 60 minutes
Yellow zone (2nd) – 120 minutes
Green zone (3rd) – 180 minutes
+ Blue zone – unlimited parking, but not always free of charge.

Once the time limit expires, the vehicle cannot be parked in the same zone for the next 30 minutes.

Paying for the parking

There are different ways of paying for the parking, but if you are in Belgrade for a short stay, we recommend you to use the most popular method – via sms. This is how it works:

Send a text message to the number 911, accompanied by the number of the zone. (For the zone 1 -9111, zone 2 – 9112, zone 3 – 9113) In the message body enter your license plate number without spaces.

Alternatively, you can use one of 9 public parking garages and 19 car parks listed here.

Bicycle rental

Another great way to discover Belgrade is by renting a bicycle. However, we do not recommend you to use it for the city center as traffic can be too chaotic and there are no separate bike lanes. Bicycle friendly areas are banks of the rivers Sava and Danube, Ada lake, New Belgrade and Zemun. Belgrade has more than 80km of bike lanes. Some of the rental places are:

Markoni sport
Planet bike
Iron bike

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