DIY sightseeing in Belgrade

If you wish to go sightseeing in Belgrade without a guide, here are some suggestions on where to start. You can use these maps as a “step by step guide” or just as orientation markers that will tell you which areas are great to get lost in. You can also check out our “Belgrade guided tours” section for more awesome ideas.

Walking tour no.1 – City center

Starting point: Kalemegdan Fortress
Ending point: Temple of Saint Sava (or vice-versa)
Duration: 1h
Points of interest: Kalemegdan fortress, Knez Mihailova pedestrian street, Hotel Moscow and Terazije, Bulevar Kralja Milana, Slavija square, Temple of Saint Sava.
Suggestion: Take alternative route on the way back, and once at Kalemegdan fortress, forget about the map.

belgrade-walking-tour-2-city-centerWalking tour no.2 – City center

Starting point: Ethnographic museum
Ending point: Nikola Tesla museum
Duration: 1h
Points of interest: Ethnographic museum, Republic square, Parliament, Church of St. Mark, Tasmajdan park, Kalenic market, Nikola Tesla museum.
Suggestion: This is easily a half a day tour in case you decide to visit both museums, church, park and a market. We recommend you to do so!

belgrade-walking-tour-3-city-centerWalking tour no.3 – City center

Starting point: Republic square
Ending point: Republic square
Duration: <1h
Points of interest: Republic square, Skadarska street, Church of St. Aleksandar Nevski, Strahinjica bana street, Kralja Petra street, Students park.
Suggestion: This is a great evening walk because the whole area in this circle is very famous for its cafes and bars. You will be also passing trough the famous bohemian street, Skadarlija.

belgrade-walking-tour-4-city-centerWalking tour no.4 – City center

Starting point: Republic square
Ending point: Manak’s house
Duration: <1h
Points of interest: Republic square, Obilicev venac, Museum of applied arts, House of Knjeginja Ljubica, Church of St. Michael, Great stairs and Kosančićev venac, Beton hala and Sava river key, Savamala, Manak’s house.
Suggestion: This is a great day walk because you will get a chance to visit many cultural monuments and also relax in many popular cafes and restaurants. How long it will take it depends on your preferences, but couple of hours is guaranteed.

belgrade-walking-tour-5-zemunWalking tour no.5 – Zemun

Starting point: Glavna street
Ending point: Gardosh tower
Duration: <1h
Points of interest: Madlenianum, Old town, Danube key, Gardosh tower (beautiful panorama of Belgrade)
Suggestion: Nice day walk trough charming old streets of Zemun, littered with caffes and restaurants. Take some time to get lost! Once at the tower you can use the stairs that lead to Visoka and Lagumska street to descend.

belgrade-walking-tour-6-night-lifeWalking tour no.6 – Belgrade night life

On a nice day this could be a great walking or bike tour, but we actually wanted to depict the most popular area for parties, in which case we do not recommend you to walk, but rather to take a taxi. On the New Belgrade side of the river notorious “rafts”, river clubs are situated, on the opposite bank is Savamala district and Beton hala, also famous for its nightlife. Clubs normally fill up quite late, so we also recommend you first to “warm up” in some of the bars of the “city center” tours.

Other popular areas for nightlife are: Key around blok 70, Key around hotel “Jugoslavija”, Ada lake, Zemun key and numerous clubs in center, Vracar and Banovo brdo. (check out our cafe and bar recommendations for specific places)

Bicycle tours


Renting a bike is a real good way to discover the city. We recommend you to start from the place called “25th of May” (click for the map) where you can rent a bike. From there, follow the river to Branko’s bridge. Here you have 3 good options:

  1. Ada lake: Continue riding on the bicycle lane that goes under the bridge. You will end up at Ada lake. Take a circle around the lake and come back. The whole ride will take cca 2hrs, if you drive at a moderate paste and make breaks for pictures. Bicycle lane goes all the way and it is quite a scenic ride.
  2. New Belgrade: At Branko’s bridge take the elevator that will climb you (with bicycle) on top of the bridge. Once you cross the bridge continue driving straight or left, to discover New Belgrade. This is probably the best way to do it, aside from the open top bus. New Belgrade has many kilometers of bike lanes. You also have an option to go to the key at block 70 and then take a boat which will take you to Ada island. Tickets are very cheap and ride is only around 5 min, just enough to catch your breath. You can use the lane from option 1 to come back.
  3. Zemun: Do the same as above, but once you cross the bridge take a sharp right to get back to the river and than continue cycling towards Zemun and Gardos tower. This ride is also quite scenic and takes 2-3 hours to complete, depending on your paste.

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